Hello everyone and welcome to site!. I am the Awesomesloth (T.M.) and this is my first blog. (cue the mighty python yay’s) As a quick introduction, let me run down how this goes.

I like games, Like really like games. Like more then a platonic kind of like, but somewhere before a restraining order is filed kind of like. I like playing games, talking about games, reading about games, writing about games, posting about games, listening about games, recording games, playing games again, And what better way to share this like of gaming then by the thing my generation is great at? creating a blog that nobody else cares about.

This was originally a very spur of the moment, throw together blog. Something that was just a thought i had one day, and decided to jump on it. But after a few months, this page and the Sloth network idea has grown into a full blown passion. I hope to bring everyone who visits this site the best in gaming content possible. And hopefully one day, branch this little brainchild into a full out gaming community. I am constantly adding new things to the site, and will continue to add more things like Podcasts, Guides, Web shows etc..

I would also like to give a big shout out to all those who have helped me out in getting here. Between helping with articles, designs, ideas, or just taking time to visit the site. You are all very much appreciated.

So please browse around, read some articles, check out the podcast, leave some comments and join in on the slothy goodness.

Thank you very much for visiting.

– AwesomeSloth

6 responses to “About

  1. Great work here, I can see I have my work cut out for me in this community! I plan on following you, and if you want to let me know what I am doing wrong feel free to check out my new blog at http://www.mikewing.wordpress.com . I know its very basic but I have to learn how to do all of the cool things, especially that changing news banner you have with GTA5 on it! Again great site!


    • Hey mike! first of all thanks a lot for checking out the site, and welcome to the blogging community. I wish i had more inspiring words for you, but like you, i am also very new to wordpress… and to be honest blogging in general. But the most important thing is do what you enjoy! The slider banner was a pain to figure out at first. But i’d be more then happy to help with that or anything else i know. I mean what kind of a community are we, if we are not always looking to help and progress together? Good luck with your site and i’ll be sure to keep up with it.

      • very cool sloth indeed, I plan to try to figure some stuff out tomorrow, but you hit the nail on the head, if I knew of anything that would help id be the first to put it out there haha! Good to know that wherever in the world one may be there is always supportive gamers!


  2. Love the site you’ve got going on here! Inspiration for what our lowly gaming blogs can become. If you get a minute to look at mine I’d love to hear what you have to say about it! Keep up the good work


    • Thanks very much Mr. Joel!. It really does mean A lot to hear feed back. You can consider me a follower 🙂 If you ever need help with anything let me know. Us bloggers gotta stick together.

      • Many thanks, I will do. Looking to re-design the site next week so I’ll let you know if any issues arise. Thanks again!

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