Valve Reveals Steam Machines


The second item of news for Valve’s 2014 plans comes in the form of Steam Machines.  The company states that they are collaborating with a number of partners to pump out a slew of devices that will run SteamOS, of course.  Valve claims that they are aiming to create a “high-performance prototype that’s optimized for gaming, for the living room, and for Steam,” and is “also completely upgradable and open”.  Three hundred of the prototypes have been designated for disbursement to Steam users who meet a set of criteria (besides possessing sufficient luck):

Before October 25, log in to Steam and then visit your quest page to track your current status towards beta test eligibility
3. Make 10 Steam friends (if you haven’t already)
4. Create a public Steam Community profile (if you haven’t already)
5. Play a game using a gamepad in Big Picture mode
Valve explains that once the above criteria are met, the user will earn a special badge and be entered into the drawing for receiving one of the 300 prototypes.  Your odds seem to be somewhat increased with prior community and beta activity, as Valve offers that “a small number of users (30 or less) will be chosen based on their past community contributions and beta participation,” while the rest are subject to random luck.  You have until October 25th to throw your hat into the ring, so get to it!

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