Game Console Code Names.


As most of you would probably already assume, gaming consoles don’t usually come out with the same title it had during its inception. Not many designers can have that sort of foresight and let’s face it, that’s more of a PR’s job not developers anyway. So thus code names are given to consoles in their early stages of development. Nobody wants to refer to their project as “The Xbox Successor”. Nah, they want a snazzy moniker to use through early phases. Plus, who doesn’t like using cool spy code names.

Now just to clear up possible confusion, let me explain why the likes of the Xbox 720 are not on this list. During the early stages of the 8th home console generation, many fans took to the interwebs to discover the latest updates and rumors on their favorite franchises. Of course 99% of these updates and rumors were later proven false. People tend to like to believe everything they read on the internet (wink). As articles began to flood various gaming sites with glimpses of what could be. Titles for the upcoming systems slowly started to appear alongside their corresponding updates. These titles of course would be the Xbox 720, PlayStation 4 and the Wii 2. Other names were also given, but these were the ones that seemed to stick. Now i will say that these names do in fact make pretty good sense and would seem like logical candidates. I mean if you know your numbering system and Sony’s console history, PlayStation 4 would make perfect sense. And if you’re familiar with rotational degrees, then the Xbox 720 would be the obvious next choice. While the Wii 2 i think was more of an educated guess than anything else. But excluding the PlayStation 4 (which we know is the system’s final name) both the Xbox 720 and the Wii 2 would not come about. And though these names may have been considered at some point during development, NONE of these 3 names were ever officially the code names for the consoles. They were all just consumer speculation that (like many internet rumors) spread like wildfire until it became “common knowledge”.

With that out of the way on to the nerd test!

Though i have 1 code name per console, many consoles actually changed their code names multiple times throughout its development. I decided to go with the more popular versions to make it a little easier for some folks. Some of these code names are actually pretty simple to figure out, while others you have a better chance of guessing my favorite color. (By the way it’s blue… no red AHHHHHHHH!)

Figuring out the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow aside, below is a scrambled list of Code names and what the project would eventually end up being called. Playing the game is simple, just find a crayon or sharpie, and draw a line from what you think the Code name is, too what the final product would eventually be called. I’m sure it will wipe off easily from your monitor.

code names

Click Here to view the answers.

Of course there are more code names, but these are the more popular  and recognizable ones.

So how many did you get right?

Thumbs up for being awesome if you got more than five

thumbs up

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for a ruined monitor. Ni!


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