Xbox Live Credits Rewards Program


credit treeAs extra incentive

to enhance your engagement with the Xbox Live program, Microsoft awards credits for spending quality time with your console.  By completing objectives listed below, you can accrue credits at various rates; once you earn 5,000 credits, your balance will be converted to currency added to your account “around the 15th and 30th of every month”.  After you achieve a credit total of 1,000, however, you can petition for a deposit ahead of schedule.  Here is a list from Xbox that entails how you can boost your Credits:

  • Take a Survey – 250 Credits
  • Complete My Apps Punchcard (Downloading a designated app for the first time and using it for 5+ hours per punch) – 1,000 Credits
  • Refer My Friends (Getting friends to upgrade to Gold status and uses your link) – 1,000 Credits
  • Play a New Game (Playing a designated new game for 10+ hours) – 1,000 Credits
  • Make My First Xbox Store Purchase – 1,250 Credits
  • Complete My Movies and TV Punchcard (Purchasing or renting five or more movies/designated TV episodes)- 3,000 Credits
  • Renew My Gold Membership – Up to 3,000 Credits
  • Complete My Map Pack Punchcard (Purchasing any five map packs by a designated deadline) – 5,000 Credits
  • Unlock MyAchievements (Tied to your Gamerscore) – Up to 3% Rebate
  • Get the VIP Treatment (Maintain a Gold membership and stay active) – Prizes, Credits, Etc.

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