Current Xbox One Fact List


Below is an updated list of facts for the intrigued Xbox One gamer:

And the following, from IGN:

  • No console or software region locks
  • Utilization of QR codes
  • No HD-DVD
  • Skype app
  • Ability to sign into the same Gamertag on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but not simultaneously
  • Clean slate for Rep on the Xbox One
  • Pre-order bonuses and special edition perks for digitally downloaded games
  • Compatibility with current DVR
  • Kinect voice sync
  • 8+ person player chat
  • Ability to play while a game is downloading
  • Expanded list of friends and capability to designate favorites
  • Voice chat between Xbox 360 and Xbox One is not possible, but text messaging is
  • Possible to play without Kinect plugged in
  • Xbox 360 Avatars transfer over and Gamerpics will be enhanced
  • Separate Gamerscore earned on Xbox 360 and Xbox One for the same title, though Xbox One boasts more depth to its Achievement system

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