Extra Life Charity Gaming Marathon!

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greetings and salutations internet users!

on November 2nd i will be participating in this years Extra Life marathon. A social charity event set up to help and support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. I’ve always been a fan of charity events, but this one hits close to home. Being a father i couldn’t imagine what the families of these children have to go through. And some of these poor kids are fighting things like Cancer. This is a wonderful thing that the gaming community can do to give some back. And since a lot of us gamers are a little on the … hmm.. heftier side and don’t like running marathons. There is no excuse for this one! (besides some serious thumb cramps). So please take a second to read what this is a about and if you would be interested in participating or supporting the cause!


“So what’s the deal sloth?”

Well on November 2nd i will be running the gauntlet of 25 straight hours of gaming.  This event is set to raise awareness and to raise money for this wonderful charity. Extra Life got over 2 million dollars last year from gamers like you and me. If possible i am asking that you awesome people out there can pledge 1 dollar per hour of my gaming to this charity.

“How much of the proceeds go to the Children’s Hospital?”

100%. Every cent raised goes straight to local Children’s Hospitals.

“How can i help”?

Well you’ve got about 3 main options.

  • 1st you can promote this event by going hereGrab some images and post them around your social network. Try to get the word out and people involved… Hell print out and give out flyers.
  • 2nd you can actually take part in the event! Who wouldn’t want to play for 25 hours straight? And it is for an amazing cause. It’s simply a WIN WIN situation! If you are interest in joining the AwesomeSloth team please let me know. If you would rather fly solo click here to register or create your own team!
  • Lastly if you would just like to help the cause. Please click here and pledge what ever you can. They recommended pledging 1 dollar per hour (25 hours = $25) but any donated amount would mean the world.

“I don’t like you but i would still like to help the cause”

Well that is also fine (buttface). If you’d like to just donate straight to this event click hereBut it would mean a lot if you could pledge through the link above.

I’m going to try to do some cool things like attempt to stream my whole experience online for y’all to see. Also i might set up some sort of poll about what games i should play. 25 hours is a lot of gaming time to fill. In fact if you guys pledge me i will let you pick what ever game you like. I’ll try my best to get my hands on it if i don’t already own it. I’ll also keep up with posts on twitter and instagram.  I’ve got some other ideas swirling, but we’ll wait and see how it goes. stay tuned.

If you would like to learn more about this incredible event and what you can do to help, check it out on http://www.extra-life.org.

Thank you guys so much.

Let’s sloth it up on November 2nd!

extra life


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