Nintendo Announces The 2DS To Much Confusion.


Quick! Check And See If It’s April 1st! No? Well Then What The Hell Is This Crap?

No, this is not a joke nor is it a typo folks. The gaming giant Nintendo has revealed plans to release their newest handheld device called The 2DS. This quirky (possibly a little slow) step-child addition to the Nintendo Entertainment family is set to hit the market on October 12th, with a price tag of $129.99

The 2DS is being advertised as an “Entry-level handheld system” which will be geared toward the younger gaming audience. It will feature a new slate/wedge design, as oppose to the 3DS’s Clam-Shell design. It will be fully compatible with the same games and contain all the same functionality of its 3DS cousin. Minus of course the actual 3D display function. The new portable console will come in both Red and Blue flavors and will include a 4GB card. It will also be compatible with the standard 3DS and DSi power cable adapters.


“Imagine a standard 3DS laid all the way flat, and with the depth slider all the way down. Everything else is there in the system.” Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime explained to IGN.

“We’re always thinking about what we can do that’s new, unique, different, and brings more people into this category that we love,” Fils-Aime continued. “And so with the Nintendo 3DS, we were clear to parents that, ‘hey, we recommend that your children be seven and older to utilize this device.’ So clearly that creates an opportunity for five-year-olds, six-year-olds, that first-time handheld gaming consumer.”

“We’ve always been thinking about, ‘how do we approach that as one target?’ And that certainly helped spur the idea of the Nintendo 2DS. Let’s have the consumer have access to all of these great games – Mario Kart 7, Animal Crossing – but does it in a 2D capability with a device that has a dramatically lower price point. That’s just an example of how we’re always thinking about, ‘how do we get more people playing games? How do we get more people playing Nintendo games?’”

If you are feeling befuddled right now, you’re not alone. This move doesn’t make much sense to me, but then again I’m not Nintendo. Another thing to add to the bizarre nature of this device is the fact that you can actually take images in 3D with the 2DS… You just can’t look at it in 3D. But if you transfer the images to your 3DS they will display in full 3D.

And even if this is supposedly designed for children, it is still an ugly, bulky looking contraption. And considering that i can pick up a 3DS brand new for $169.99 i wouldn’t necessarily call a $40 dollar price cut being “dramatically lower”

Then again maybe there is a market for such a device. We will have to wait and see if this is just a desperate move by Nintendo or a calculated strike at consumers.


If for some reason you like owning obscure and simi-pointless items then the 2DS will be available to you on October 12th. (weirdo)

Stay tuned for more info on this…. thing.



5 responses to “Nintendo Announces The 2DS To Much Confusion.

  1. I actually like the design. While I probably wouldn’t buy one of these for myself I would buy it for my child, both in an economic point of view but also because kids grow tired of their toys so easily, this wouldn’t be as great of a loss. Then again, one could buy a used 3DS for the same price using the same arguments, so probably my point is null.

    In the common parent’s eyes this is the best solution, and I think Nintendo are smart enought to capitalize on that. If on clearance, and for a really cheap price later on when the system falls out of fashion (sooner or later) I wouldn’t mind having one just because it looks kind of cool. Also I like obscure and semi-pointless items as well… so yeah.

    At any rate the unit will be ridiculously cheap second hand!

    I think they’re playing on the impulsiveness of parents really, the kind that are more inclined to be lured into buying things like these without making a lot of research beforehand. When standing in a store and getting the 2DS presented to you without muhc prior knowledge it really will seem to be the best option. Especially if you come from a low-income household.

  2. Well my two problems with this are of course the design and the price tag. The design looks very bulky and not very comfortable to play for your avg gamer. But like he said, this is designed for the younger gamer. The problem i have with THAT aspect is if this was created for the 4-6 year old range. The price is still too high to in trust with a toddler. It would make more sense to pick up something like a leapfrog or leappad for half the cost of the 2DS. For the right price i will agree with you that it would be good for the average parent that just wants a nice little device for their child. A $130 price point for something that is less portable then it’s predecessor seems a little too steep. but maybe i’m just poor 😦

    • I actuelly have to agree with you after some consideration now that I’ve seen more of the 2DS. For what it is the price is way too steep. I think the oly selling point is that the design is “kiddy” and that appeals to parents I guess. I wouldn’t buy any video game for my 4-6 year old, they ought to be at least 10 until they get to own share video games with their siblings even IMO.
      I nominated you for the WordPress Family Award, though I’m not sure how it works at all. You deserve it anyways for brightening my WordPress experience with your blog!

      • I have no idea what that means but i am truly honored that someone would nominate me for something that wasn’t derogatory. Thank you very much for that consideration. Being a family man myself that means a lot 😉

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