Microsoft Points Get The Axe Starting Today


The Time Has Finally Come

Starting today, Microsoft will be pushing out a new Xbox 360 update that will remove and replace MS points for cold digital cash. From now on, all purchases through the Xbox Marketplace will be done in the form of local currency. The rolling update has already been pushed to a small group of regions with more geographical locations being updated shortly.

Now there will be no calculating on how much we would need to spend for the amount of points we needed (i mean come on… i’m not a mathematician here) Instead we will now have to deal with those damn local taxes.

If you happen to have a pool of MS points still left in your account, never fear! Players with any leftover Microsoft points will be converted over to real dollars at the rate of 120 MS points for $1

Microsoft Points have been around since the launch of Xbox Live Arcade back in 2005. But most people should not see this change of policy as a negative effect. Since many items like the Games on Demand library have been using regular currency for quite some time. I would expect the transition to be smooth and the MS currency will simply fade away into our memories.

RIP MS Points.



2 responses to “Microsoft Points Get The Axe Starting Today

  1. About time, I never understood why I couldn’t just pay the price for renting a movie instead of having a bunch of extra points left about the place!

    • Especially when you have a card on file.You’re just adding another middle man. Now instead of having to replenish my points THEN pay for the game i wanted… I can just pay. Living the dream.

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