Disney Princesses Meet Street Fighter

Being a father of a young daughter, my house is littered with Disney Princess memorabilia of all shapes, sizes and creeds. (And yes, i’ve on many occasions played with her dolls and reenacted crude imitations of their voices) And though i know this is just a dastardly devised plan by Disney to tactically rid parents of their hard earned money. (“But daddy… this Cinderella doll has a slightly different tiara.”) Never the less, i know my daughter loves it so i must give up the green for yet another volume of the Disney Princess Sing Along DVD (which are just compiled clips from movies that i already own)

Being the nerd that i am however, i thoroughly enjoy seeing these characters that i am surrounded by on a daily basis, mashed up with other media or twisted in ways that would probably put my daughter into an epileptic shock. Thankfully the internet has been ablaze with such creations as of late. Below being the newest forms that i have found from mikev.me. This wonderful artist has taken these dainty and sometimes down right dull characters, and transported them into the classic world of Street Fighter. These lovely ladies of Disney lore are beauties and beasts all wrapped into one.

Select Your Fighter!

Just don’t call this princess a damsel’s in distress… Ariel might just stick that trident where the sun don’t shine.


This Cinderella story apparently ends in an ass-whoopin’


Bell might be a bit of a bookworm, but she just got done reading “Sun Tzu’s Art of War” and “The 10 Fastest Ways To Remove Testicles”


This Arabian princess wants to take you to a whole new world… of violence and pain.


What can i say? It’s Mulan. She was already pretty kick ass before her 16-bit version.


This tigress was bred to be a fighter. Her favorite motto is Hakuna Matata… Wait, no it’s that other thing.. What’s Swahili for death?


This warrior princess would make Xena crap her pants. And to be honest, she is kind of sick and tired of taking white-mans shit.


Rapunzel has been on a rampage since breaking out of the slammer. She puts a notch on her pan for every man she has strangled with her hair… It’s over 9000.

Once this beauty woke up she decided to paint the town red with dwarven blood. She also now eats poison apples because she likes the taste.

I realize i’m not funny.


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