100th Post And Weekly Update


100th Post Already? Man These Blogs Grow Up So Fast.

So as those big numbers up there indicate, this is the site’s 100th post. Yay us. Nothing like monotonous numeral idolization to fulfill your day. But i digress.


This weekend i decided to rehash some older games that i started, but never finished. (or even came close) Jfillia and I are taking on the Marker, necromorphs and all the crazy bastard Unitologists in Dead Space 3. While i’m always a fan of co-op gameplay, but i was a little worried that the co-op integration would take away too much of the essential fear factor. But thankfully i would say that only a small portion of the that “heebie jeebie” element is compromised in this 3rd chapter of the DS storyline. (being able to be revived is a large notion)  We’re only through the 5th chapter i believe, So i will hold my final judgement until  it is all said and done, but it is looking promising.


On the other hand, me and the Supermidget are cracking down on the gangs of Pacific City in… Well Crackdown.  This Microsoft exclusive (which i downloaded because it was part of the Games With Gold program) Feels very dated in the year 2013. But considering it wasn’t far off from a launch title (and it was free) it’s a pretty fun game. Especially when you start upgrading your character to Superman status. When you start jumping tall buildings in a single bound and can drop kick your enemies into tomorrow, it becomes very simplistic yet still highly entertaining. This GTA/Saints row knock off might be lacking a lot in many aspects, but i’ve only eradicated one sect from this gang infested city. There is still a lot of butt kicking in the future. And let’s not forget the wonderful price tag of free.

In other news, My wife (Ashley sloth) was down with a cold last week so we decided to hold off the podcast 1 week. But never fret! Beauty and the Geek Podcast will be back up and running this week, so don’t miss out!

Hopefully everyone else is having a wonderful week as well. Keep checking back for more updates to the site!


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