Ryse to include Microtransactions

ryse_son_of_rome banner

Microsoft has revealed that It’s forthcoming Xbox One exclusive is set to include Microtransactions.

What are Microtransactions you ask? It is a system that was recently made popular by mobile and social games. Instead of playing the game and upgrading your content through natural progression. You can just spend a little bit of your cash to go ahead and skip that whole… actual gaming process. To me it kind of defeats the whole purpose of PLAYING, but hell, to each their own.

“The way that you get armor is very similar to how you get it in like Mass Effect or FIFA.” stated a Microsoft rep.

“You only earn gold while playing multiplayer, you use that gold to buy booster packs. Those booster packs contain random sets of loot. Based on the different tiers of loot that you get – whether you buy Bronze, Silver or Gold Packs – guarantees whether you get rare or common items.

“One of the things that we did a little different is that you can buy them with in-game currency and real world currency. The difference is that if you’re close we also have small microtransactions.”

Personally i am an advocate for the microtransaction system when attached to free games. For example the likes of Happy Wars, where you can play just fine and progress through the game accordingly. But if you want to be awesome now and not take the time to earn better stuff, You can just pay for it. The issue i have is when i spend money for a full retail game and i am immediately met with over powered enemies, that happen to have a higher disposable income. (or memorized their mommy’s credit card numbers)


Ryse: Son of Rome releases in November, exclusively on the Xbox One.


5 responses to “Ryse to include Microtransactions

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