Resident Evil 7 To Bring Back The Horror…And Survival.


Capcom Finally Puts The Scare Back Into The Fading Franchise.

For the Survival Horror fans out there (like myself) who miss the cold chills that the original Resident Evil style gave us, there may be hope.

Capcom is apparently planning on Resident Evil 7 returning the franchise back to its former glory. As opposed to its current state of just another action shooter with some horror elements, as most of you may remember, Capcom deviated from the formula with the release of Resident Evil 4, which replaced…. well… almost all of the horror aspects in exchange for a faster paced, over the shoulder shooter. (also traded in awesome zombies, for crazy plagued villagers… what’s up with that?)

“We have obviously seen the consumer response and the PR response,” Former Capcom Senior VP of Marketing Michael Pattison told MCV.

“There was some great positives out of [Resident Evil 6], but it was a mixed bag, as we saw from the review scores. We have got to take that on-board, we can’t ignore that, and we have to take that onto the next game when we make the next Resident Evil.”

Well we’ve heard this before Mr. Senior VP…. but go on.

“With Resident Evil 6 specifically, we probably put too much content in there, there were comments from consumers that said it felt bloated. The Leon missions went down very well, and because we did Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS, there was a cry out for us to focus our attention on survival horror, rather than be too many things to all people. You’ll find where we go next will likely be more targeted at our core fanbase.”


A core fanbase that yearns for a return to it’s Survival Horror roots. Let’s not forget the amount of praise that RE: Revelations received. (a game that no doubtedly took a page or two out of it’s predecessor spooky book) Such praise, that the game was ported from just a handheld title, to the big leagues of home consoles.

Other recent Resident Evil titles like Operation Raccoon CIty really strayed from the beaten path. Not saying that it was a bad game (though i will say a little underwhelming) but very different from what brought the franchise to the dance.

Of course no date or any other info has been released about the next Resident Evil installment.

We will just have to wait and see how RE7 will progress. But if it falls to the wayside like the titles before it. We can Always look forward to The Evil Within. 🙂



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