(Kind Of) Weekly Gaming Update

sloth_cool2Hello everyone!

Hopefully i can be forgiven for my absence on the site this week. My company has me in training all this week, so I’ve had some issues posting my daily articles. (though i will try to work on some tonight, including this weeks podcast) But next week should bring us back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

In your browsing of the site, you may have noticed a few additions. No you’re not crazy, we’re just slowly trying to expand and add new forms of content for you fanatics out there to ingest. We now have an “upcoming games” calendar and also a top sales list. as well as moved a few things around, and added more up to date content in the “about” and “staff” etc..  We have also added another writer to the staff, Iggypu. You may have seen some of his review posts. Hopefully we will more reviews in the future (i’m apparently not very good at them)

Speaking of reviews, we finally completed Dead Island: Riptide. And finished it in the same spirits that we had going into it, Meh. I won’t say too much now, and save some for my official review of the game. But let’s just say it won’t be acclaimed. But at least i was able to put more zombies in their rightful place in the ground. and achievements in their ordained location next to my gamertag. What’s next for ol’ slothy? Not sure yet, though i have a feeling it will also relate to dead things (dead space3, deadpool, resident evil 6)

The first episode of Noobs with Boobs hit the web the other day. So don’t forget to check that out over on our Youtube page. It’s just a test run at the moment, so please let us know what you think and any ideas you might have.

Well i’m going to keep this short and sweet (considering i’m writing this while on our lunch break). Tonight on the podcast, i will try to catch up and review a lot of the stories I’ve missed over the past few days. maybe then we can return to some sort of normalcy. Until then, Live long and sloth on.


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