Disney Teases Star Wars Attractions With “Project: Orange Harvest”


Let The Excitement Flow Through You.

At this past weekends D23 Expo, Many explorers within the Imagineering section noticed several oddly marked crates. Crates referring to things such as Thermal Detonators, Bantha Milk and Protocol Droids. Sound familiar? Well how about a crate labeled Lightsaber assortment? Still don’t know what we’re talking about? Then stop reading this and go away.

These boxes (that are filled with the things dreams are made of) have markings that say, “Ship To: Project Orange Harvest”  a moniker that is of course, a homage to Blue Harvest (the secret working title for Return of the Jedi)

We knew that, with Disney‘s acquisition of Lucasfilm,  the market would be flooded with Star Wars media of all sizes. No doubt, including theme park attractions at Disney’s major parks, the rumors of which we had posted a while back here: (Star Wars Land To A Galaxy Near You?) Even though no official statement has been made about what is exactly coming, this would seem to be the acknowledgement and visual proof we were looking for. (no jedi mind tricks needed) 

But as the tagline suggests, “Speculation Beyond Imagination” we will be left to speculate if we will be getting just a new ride or a full blown park. For now, the images below are enough to excite me in ways that shouldn’t be allowed legally, including proof that you just can’t keep a good R2 unit down.

orange harvest

PHkz31hmLS1lnl_1_m IMG_6196-610x813 IMG_6192-610x813 IMG_6188-610x813 IMG_6186-610x813PH2hMeBMTQAw65_1_m


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