Ultra-Awesome $1 Million Dollar Edition Of Saints Row IV


Originally considered just a GTA rip off, Saints Row took that mantle, and added more & more insanity with each additional sequel. That trend will continue with the story of SR4, surrounding the presidential election of the Saints head honcho. A presidency that occurs just in time for an extraterrestrial invasion. As ludicrous as that might sound, the REAL madness begins with the top tier special edition package. the one of a kind package (and we mean one of a kind)  that is being dubbed “The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition” has a price tag of $1 million bucks. (i’m not kidding) But when you look at all that is involved in this package, the perks are actually worth the price. (if you’ve got the extra cash of course. just look REALLY deep inside that piggybank)

So lets look at what is included.

  • Saints Row IV : Commander in Chief Edition. (duh)
  • full-sized replica of the Dub-Step gun (wub wub wub wub)
  • A full day of spy training. (training?)
  • A space flight courtesy Virgin Galactic. (zero g gaming)
  • Lamborghini Gallardo. (who doesn’t need one of these?)
  • A Toyota Prius plus insurance (for after you crash the lamborghini)
  • A year’s membership to the E25 Supercar Club (rich douchebags gotta stick together)
  • Two First-class tickets to Dubai (yes)
  • A 7-night stay in the Top Royal Suite at the Burj-al-Arab hotel in Dubai (double yes)
  • Two First-class tickets to Washington, D.C (not quite so yes, but still yes)
  • A 7-night stay at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington, D.C. (ditto)
  • A hostage rescue experience (since you have lots of money and spend it stupidly, this might be good trainer for you)
  • Plastic surgery of the purchaser’s choice (so you will be unrecognizable to your family. who wants to share their riches with their family when they can spend it on this retarded crap)
  • A shopping spree with a personal shopper (i for one do not need help spending my money…. if i had money)

Only 1 of these packages exists, So don’t haste on pre-ordering it (i’m sure it’ll go fast….)

In fact we are taking donations here on the site to help us reach that $1,000,000 goal. So far we’ve got $6.37. (i’ve got a good feeling though)

The closest thing that i can compare this to, was a special edition of Grid 2 that went for a bargain at $188,000 (chump change in my opinion)

So who’s looking into this? Show of hands?


2 responses to “Ultra-Awesome $1 Million Dollar Edition Of Saints Row IV

    • Well yeah, but that’s for the “lite” version. Who wants that? If you actually want to be able to play games on it, you’ll need to get over the 1.5M mark.

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