Unboxing The Xbox One. Headset included!


Indeed Mr. Pitt, Indeed.

So it seems Microsoft has taken yet another 180 (up to around 720 now… coincidence?) And a headset will now, not only be included in the Day One Edition, But also all other console packages as well.

Below is a video posted by Major Nelson, Of the official Xbox One Unboxing (unbox one?) New specs come to light and also the confirmation of the aformentioned included headset

You would think that if you are already spending 500 dollars on a new system. What’s an extra 25 for a headset? But for poor people like me, this addition means a lot. Here are some photos of the new model headset.

headsetheaset baseXbox-One-Headset-610x610

What do you think of the new headset. And it’s inclusion in the Xbox One package?

– AwesomeSloth

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