Fact or Faked: Left 4 Dead 3


A lot of information has “leaked” online in the past couple of months that are pointing toward a release of  Left 4 Dead 3. But what of this information? Can this info be considered legitimate? Let’s take a look at the facts.

When Chet Faliszek was asked last year about a possible sequel to Left 4 Dead 2, all he had to say was “some time down the road.”, though he confessed, “I really love working on that series. It’s one of my favorite series. It’s just so much fun with the characters and the world. I love zombies and I love horror. So, yeah.” But what does this mean for a continuation of left 4 dead?  “So that’s not a promise of when or where.” Well, that’s not much of an answer.

Since then, fans of the series have been left to wonder if a Left 4 Dead 3 will ever see the light of day. But since Valve has a major case of Triskaphobia (fear of the number 3) ,hopes for a third installment in the co-op, pill consuming, zombie shooter series seemed unlikely….. But what’s that? Light at the end of the tunnel?

Within all the silence, a new website under the URL of L4D3.RU hit the web with the force of a percussion grenade, sending waves of confusion and gleeful hope to the masses. Below is a screenshot taken from the site in mention.


So let’s put on our secret decoder rings, grab our magnifying glasses, and look for some clues. The first thing to smack you in the face is the ominous countdown. What happens when the clock strikes 0? What is it counting down to? What is the answer to life, the universe and everything? Well that last one is an easy, it’s 42. But what is the ticker counting down to? The answer is apparently Gamescom. Which will be held on August 21-25 in Cologne, Germany. (an event that valve will be attending) Another thing you may notice, Is the Source 2 logo at the bottom. Source 2 is going to be the successor to Valves popular game engine Source. It would make sense that a new Left 4 Dead title would be on that new engine.

Now what are problems with this “announcement” site? First and foremost, The URL itself. The fact that this website is hosted with a .RU (which is a Russian domain) would lead me to believe that this is a hoax. After a little more investigating, we find that the site was registered on June 19th By a “private person,”. That seems very odd, and unlikely to be from Valve. But the V-Team (get your mind out the gutter) are known to be tricksters and love to troll the loving (and always understanding) gaming community. So don’t completely write this off, but i would say that this site is not legitimate. Plus Valve has always found ways to troll their fans. Namely taking excruciatingly long to release/update their games. But i will say that the product is normally worth the wait. So i just consider it Valve’s way of showing they care


On to exhibit B! This next little piece of evidence comes from Valve’s Marc Laidlaw, who posted this teaser video on his Vine feed titled “Dare I?” https://vine.co/v/hKn79z7du2V (sorry i had trouble embedding it). Clicking on that link, it can be clearly seen that Marc’s hand hovers, ever so enticingly over the “3” Button in an elevator, then quickly darts across to the “L” button. This again, is by no means concrete. But it seems more and more pieces are being discovered. We just need to find the right places to fit them.

And lastly we have possibly the most substantial evidence yet. Members of the Dota 2 Reddit community (who were invited while in town for the international Dota 2 Championships)  were given a tour of Valves Bellevue headquarters. While roaming the illustrious halls of Valve’s home base, the reddit members were able to snap a few pictures as mementos. Just like any other photos taken, these were quickly leaked online for the whole world to see. As you can see from the pictures below, Valve’s employee’s have been busy little bee’s. More importantly though, there are many references to L4D3 (i’m giddy with excitement)




These images have apparently been confirmed to be completely real from multiple sources (who wish to remain anonymous)

Each of these small pieces would just be thrown out as speculation if found individually, but the fact that they all seem to be coming out in close succession makes one wonder of their authenticity. But given the sheer volume of data, we can take these leaked ingredients and roll them up into one giant conspiracy filled burrito (hold the cilantro). On the other hand, all of these incidents could be unrelated, fake or coincidences. Though i wouldn’t put it past Valve to throw some curve balls at the public. (those devilish tricksters)

Maybe the guys at Valve found the help they needed to get over their fear of 3 (therapy of course) ,maybe they CAN break the thrice curse. Maybe like Cinderella, when the clock hit’s zero, the magic spell will be broken. But at the time of this articles release, we will have 14 more days to find out.

So the question still remains. Is it Fact or Faked? Well, I hate to be a cop out here, but i would have to say a little bit of yes, and a little bit of no. I absolutely believe Valve is working on L4D3 (those screenshots should more than prove this). The question remains however, when and in what formats will it be released. On the flip side, the website will more than likely end up being fake. And Laidlaw’s post on vine could honestly be reverencing anything. So the answer is YES, Left 4 dead 3 is coming, but i wouldn’t trust all of the “leaked” info out there as truth.


So what do you think guys? Like i said before, if L4D3 is revealed, and is an exclusive to either system. I will pre-order that system faster then you can say “PILLZ HERE!”


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