(Some What) Weekly Gaming Update


There Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked.

Hello! How is everyone doing on this fine….What’s today?… Monday!?… Damn it…

I know the sites been slacking a little bit over the last week. But sadly I’ve been fairly busy in that boring game called reality.

Thankfully i was able to get a little bit of gaming in over the weekend. I was able to team up with Jfillia and Supermidget for some more zombie slayin’ in Dead Island: Riptide. We should be right at about the end, So hopefully not much more to go. Overall the game has been pretty underwhelming. But either way it’ll be another game under my belt, and more trade in credit at gamestop.

wrestlerHow did the charger get into Dead island?

Sadly Deadpool has been very neglected over the past week. Every time i hope on to play it, i get called away to do other things (i’m looking at you jfillia) I’m really hoping i’ll have some free time to get back into it. It’s a very entertaining game and does not deserve the layer of dust it has collected. (you shall eat tacos again my friend!)


I haven’t lined anything else up next after the completion of Riptide and DP.(any suggestions?) But i’m sure i’ll come up with something when the time comes. In other news, I’m still trying to finalize some designs for a couple of my web shows. I’d like to debut the first episode of Noobs with Boobs before the end of the month. But we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m also mulling over the idea of another youtube show called “Inebriated Nerds” (you can probably guess what would be involved). I’m also thinking about starting a segment, where i assign games to Ashley and then have her write an article/review, from the view point of someone who doesn’t game.

I also got to play a few rounds of Left 4 Dead 2. (always exciting) And even with the obvious rustiness, Supermidget and I were able to win all of our games. (or forced the opposing team to rage quit and then subsequently cry themselves to sleep) Playing L4D2 again, reminded me just have much i want Valve to get off their keisters and make that game happen! (ps i spelled keister correct the first time. so FU red line indicating that i misspelled it)


Oh now the Charger’s back in Left 4 Dead? How does he do that?

Of course don’t forget to check out our weekly Podcast. Apart from being available on this site. You can now also listen and download episodes from iTunesStitcher and Tunein. Any other place we should look to publish from?


As always i would love to hear your thoughts on what we’re doing here. Suggestions, Ideas, A pat on the back :). They are all welcomed and encouraged here.

Stay tuned for more things to come! And on that note i leave you with this.



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