[Updated] Next Games With Gold Titles To Be Crackdown And Dead Rising 2 + DR2: Case Zero


[UPDATED 07/31/13]

So the rumors were true. Major Nelson made it official. Starting August 1st (tomorrow) Crackdown (which is normally 800 MS points) will be available for free download. But one thing the rumors did not include, Was that DR2: Case Zero would be included in the Dead Rising 2 package. So starting August 16th you will be able to pick up both Dead Rising 2 (normally $14.99) and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero (normally 400 MS points) for the awesome price of $0. You can read the original article below.

Bring On The Free Booty!

Games With Gold (The Microsoft program in which they give away 2 free games each month to their Gold Account members) will release the first of 2 games for the month of August, starting on Thursday. And though Microsoft has yet to make an official announcement of what the titles will be. The Polish website Xbox 360 Online Center (google translate ftw) is claiming to already know the August offerings. (na nana boo boo) The website says they have gotten the information through “reliable sources” and next months games will be Crackdown and Dead Rising 2.

dead rising 2

It does not say which one we should expect come the 1st. But remember until Microsoft (most likely major nelson) makes an official reveal, Take this information like you should, as a rumor.

To me, these are very likely game choices for the xbox program. Both are older games (crackdown 2007, dead rising 2 2010) and both have sequels attached. I would say this seems like a pretty good rumor that will more than likely be proven true. But then again maybe i’m just projecting my hope, because i don’t own either of these games (yay free games for me)


We’ll just have to wait and see. Expect something from Major Nelson in the next couple days.

Games With Gold for the month of July saw Defense Grid: The Awakening And Assassin’s Creed II. And if you haven’t downloaded ASII yet, you better get on that! You only have 3 days left so make some room on your HDD.

So are you happy about these choices? Which ones will you be picking up (if these become verified of course)


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