New Mortal Kombat Game In Development


Get Over Here!….. Again!

As some of you may already know, a new Mortal Kombat movie is in the works for a 2015 release. (yes yet another movie slated for a 2015 release) The full length feature film (currently going by the title of Mortal Kombat: Legacy) is currently in early stages of development and has Lance Sloane attached as the producer.

The Legacy producer sat down for an interview with the folks at GamerhubTV and made a slight slip up. And let the proverbial animality out of the outworld…Bag.

Loose lips, sink ships Mr. Sloane.

“Well, we’ve been in greenlight committee for a while at the studio. We’ve got a great script. And we’ve got a great director with Kevin Tancharoen, who is on board.” proclaimed Sloane. “It’s just figuring out the business side of it and when we would do it and when we would launch it and how do we sync up with the launch of the game they’re working on now. It’s not 100% yet, but we’re getting closer every day.”

There it was! Did you see it? Lets rewind.

“.yad yreve resolc gnitteg er’ew tub ,tey %001 ton s’tI .won no gnikrow er’yeht emag eht fo hcnual eht htiw pu cnys”

Play> “sync up with the launch of the game they’re working on now.”

Now in reality this should not come as a shock to many. With the success of the Mortal Kombat reboot 2 years ago, a sequel was all but assured.

This is of course by no means an official confirmation. But it at least gives us an idea and time frame of what NetherRealm’s is working on.

FINISH HIM! (had to)



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