New Bioshock: Infinite DLC Takes You Back To Rapture.

Burial at Sea - Episode One_KeyArt

Would You Kindly Make More DLC Like This?

So after the somewhat disappointing announcement of the Clash in the Clouds DLC (which is basically horde mode with challenges). We also got a teaser trailer for the next Infinite DLC called Burial and Sea – Episode 1. From the looks of the trailer, we will reassume the role of Booker Dewitt In this story based DLC. The “Always a man, Always a lighthouse, Always a city” concept seems to be in full effect. And in this perspective of one of the many universes, Booker is a private detective in the late 1950’s. He also happens to be an inhabitant of the under water city of Rapture. At the end of the trailer you will see another apparent resident of Andrew Ryan‘s Utopia, She says her name is Elizabeth. (the multiverse is an amazing and confusing thing)


I love the idea of seeing a pre-fall Rapture. To see what the city was like before everyone went batshit crazy. Plus the trailer and the episodic title gives off a very Noir undertone which really excites me.

Who else is ready to go back under the sea? (great, now that song is going to be stuck in my head….)

Check out Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode 1 trailer below. What do you think?

4 responses to “New Bioshock: Infinite DLC Takes You Back To Rapture.

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