Xbox One Accessories Get Official Price Tags.

xbox accessories

You Can Now Purchase Xbox One Accessories Through The Official Microsoft Store.

The Microsoft store has recently set up a page that is selling pre-orders for a number of Xbox One Accessories including the following.

The new redesigned wireless controllers will hit you at $59.99 a pop. Which for a family of gamers, or someone who enjoys good old fashioned couch co-op will not be having a cheap Christmas.


The Xbox One chat headset will run you $24.99. Considering that this standard headset does NOT come stock with the system is pretty ridiculous. I think many (myself included) will look for newer turtlebeaches or a similar substitute.



The Xbox One Play & Charge kit is in my opinion is a must, so it will be a $24.99 well spent. Complete with rechargeable battery pack and recharge cable. I don’t think i would have survived if it wasn’t for this wonderful invention.

charge kit


Of course if you need an extra controller and would also like the comfort of the Play & Charge kit. Why not go for the double combo? Save yourself $10 bucks and get both the wireless controller and the Play & Charge kit for $74.99



And no Xbox system is complete with out a Gold Membership. The Day One 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership which also comes with Killer Instinct: Round One and the exclusive Shadow Jago character with commemorative card and case will set you back $59.99.

day one gold.


You can check out the individual items by clicking on the images or check out the full store Here.


So what do you think about the new swag? (swag as in pirate terms… not the the hipster one)


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