Xbox One loses Kinect Sports Rivals as Launch Title.

rivals logo

It Seems Xbox One and Sports Rivals Just Couldn’t Find The Kinection…… Sorry.

Microsoft has confirmed that it’s premier Kinect game has been delayed, and will not be an Xbox One Launch title.

The game was originally set to be on the front lines for Xbox one this holiday. But according to Microsoft, they wanted to give the developers over at Rare, a little more time to add some extra “polish”. In other words, the devs have fallen behind and the game is just not finished yet. (i bet some Rare employee’s will be missing a Christmas)

But the more family oriented Kinect title will be released, just pushed back a few months to the Spring of 2014. Just in time for you to be inside, mimicking the things you would be doing outside… Except without that pesky heat throwing orb in the sky.

Like the previous Kinect sports games, Rivals will also feature six activities. This time including soccer, rock climbing, jetski racing, bowling, target shooting and tennis.

I guess we’ll just have to become a champion at something else for a while 😦



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