World of Warcraft Drops to 7.7 Million Subscribers.


It Seems That Some People Are Remembering That There Is Life Outside… And Girls.

In the month of March Blizzard reported that over 8.2 million people had active subscriptions to World of Warcraft. Though it is now being revealed that the mammoth MMO is now currently holding 7.7 million subscribers. That would mean in the last three months over 500,000 adventurers have left the realm of Azeroth. That may seem like a significant hit, But i don’t think Activision Blizzard is all that worried. CEO Bobby Kotick has stated that the company expects to see the number of subscribers fall throughout the year. But added a reminder that WOW remains the most popular subscription-based MMO today.

This fan favorite game might not be the juggernaut it once was, (peaking at over 12 million active accounts in october 2010) But that’s not to say they don’t still own an army of virgins at their disposal. This just means that some gamers miss the warm fuzzy feeling of the sun upon their skin. Others might desire some fresh air. And just maybe trade in their key stroke interactions with physical ones (wink wink). But don’t get too ahead of yourself. If you are trying to quit cold turkey, you may need some rehabilitation time before attempting any sort of human contact. (no healer will be around to ease the pain of a female shut down)

Even with the downward trend Warcraft seems to be on. There is a good chance for a spike in popularity again with the looming World of Warcraft film on the horizon. (filming begins in 2014)


PS. I know that not all WOW players are guys…. Or virgins.


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