A Video Game Vacation 2: Retinal Revenge


Earlier this week, I wrote about some games I’ve been playing during my vacation last week. Ill just pick up where I left off


Mega Man friggin 9 for the win! I saw this game finally dropped 50% for a deal of the week. I was on the fence about getting this until I saw the new weeks sales (hot garbage might have grabbed my interest more honestly). I knew what I was getting into and boy has it been a vulgar ride.

First thing I noticed was the lack of a charge shot and slide. After a quick google search, I found Capcom used Mega Man 2 as the inspiration for creating this one.  Both of those moves weren’t in 2 so I guess it makes since. Of course Capcom would later release proto man as a dlc character and he has both the charge shot and slide, as well as twice the health of megaman. Eff you Capcom…

The game is great though. In a world full of fps and rpg games, classic is always good in my book. The levels, enemies, and bosses could have been pulled from the NES series. I want to say this one might be a little more difficult than than classics, but not impossible by any means. Now who ever made the achievement list…they may have been drunk. I have no desire to go for any and I’m an acheivement whore


Yes, another Capcom game. When I see their stuff on sale, I usually bite. I have a love/hate relationship ever since they released 4 versions of the same game. They had a good sale recently, so I am cutting them some slack.

I was an arcade kid growing up. I loved Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, and of course, Street Fighter. Is there a pattern there? Well, when it came to Street Fighter machines, SF3 was uncommon around the new orleans area. I knew of one place that had it, and at the time, I was in to the Street Fighter vs. Whoever. I did have an understanding of it when I bought it though

The game was exactly like I remembered it. I understood the offense, but my defense was my weakness. I’m not too keen on spending hours in the parry training, but that’s what would make me improve my game.  I’m not big on fighters online though. I’m years behind in experience, which usually leads me to take some beatings online. I think my record is 7-12. I wish there were a matchmaking system or something to stop putting noobs like me against people on the leaderboards.  Out of all my games I thinel I’ve played 2 laggy games. I was playing Mortal Kombat 9 a year ago and the lag was atrocious. Street Fighter 3 wins by a mile on that one.  I would recommend this only if you have some experience first


Last on this list is the old Sega Saturn hit Guardian Heros. I have never played a Saturn before, but this is supposed to be one of its big hits. It definitely has some replay value. It is a side scroller beat em up, while your character has an almost Street Fighter like combo system. Add to that a decision based story, and you have a game you can beat multiple times while getting a new story each time.

As I said, I don’t have any experience with the original. The options let you choose between remix controls and classic. I kept it on remix and everything seems fine. I only ran through the game once, but I still have 2 characters I haven’t used yet. I had the mulitplayer spots set to public, but only 1 other person joined. All in all, definitely a good purchase

Well that was my main course of gaming the past few weeks. As you can see, its mostly digital titles thanks to the $5 for 1200 Microsoft points glitch I fully took advantage of a few months back. Take that Microsoft and your greedy ways!

-super midget

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