Thank You Guys So Much For Your Support!


“1000 Pageviews, Thank You” Just In Case You Had Trouble Reading That Image Like I Did. It Was A Poor Choice.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of you (the readers and friends) who take time out of their day to read whats going on in my nerdy little world. In less then 2 months the site has gotten over 1,000 hits, and  gained over 4o subscribers from over a dozen different countries! Most importantly though, because of your support you’ve allowed me to enjoy talking and posting about something i love doing.

Alright, enough of that sappiness.

You know i probably should have saved my “weekly gaming update” for this. But i’m apparently too short sighted and i didn’t. Big whoop, Wanna fight about it?

Seriously though, from everyone here at Awesomesloth…. Thank you for proving that Sloths are in fact Awesome.

We hope you continue to come back and enjoy what you read. There is much MUCH more to come. This is only the beginning.


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