Ow My Eyes!!!! A Video Game Vacation


Jeez isn’t that the story of my life! Well, my week long vacation finally came to a close and now I can reflect back on my action packed adventure. There actually wasn’t a dull moment. From waking up in someone else’s bed to a surprise batman party, I lost a few brain cells along the way. Somehow in all that mess, I fit in some game time. Ok…a lot of game time. Possibly too much? Naaah

jet set radio

Ill start it off with my favorite Dreamcast game,  Jet Set Radio. Basically,  you are a group of young punks. Graffiti artists to be more precise. You go around spraying over rival gangs art,even spraying the gang members themselves eventually(that is if you can catch them). Add the cops, helicopters, and other people trying to stop you along your journey.

I LOVED this game back in the day and loved this port as well. That said…this game has aged horribly in my opinion.  The first day playing was spent trying to grasp the concept of the terrible, clunky controls. After I got over that hump, I really enjoyed the game. It is quite repetitive having only 3 levels, although there are 3-4 sections per level. If you were a fan of the original, the price may be worth the admission. If you’ve never played it, Jet Set Future would probably be your better choice


Next up on the list was Sonic CD. I am not a fan of the new Sonic games, so for me, this was too good to pass up for $2. I played 1 & 2 quite a few times, but realized I had never played this one. Come to think of it, I knew one person with the sega cd adapter.

Oh the nostalgia was strong with this one. From the classic “Segaaa” game intro,  to the vulgarity spewed forth as all my rings I’ve collected fall into the pit of spikes. This game features Sonic going from the past to the future, beating on Dr. Robotnik all along his merry way. I don’t know if the save feature was added to the port of this game, but I definitely abused it. I realized I had never completed a Sonic game before this one, and I wonder if I woukd have done it so quickly had the save system not been so easy to exploit. Regardless, I really enjoyed this game and would recommend everyone check out the trial at least

avatar warfare

And this brings me to the last game on my list for today (what, you thought I only played 3 games during a whole week off? You must not know me). I check out the indie section on Xbox Live regularly. I like to support independent developers when I can, so I set out for an avatar deathmatch style game. After a few trials, I decided on Avatar Warfare.

I hopped in the game, which is online only by the way, and was met with a big mess of lag. I think half the match was who’s internet connection is the best. The weapons were plentiful though, and they looked great. There was one problem though…everything was unlocked as i leveled up. How was that a problem? My rank was reset twice in 24 hours. So while I should be level 12, I’m back at 1 with all the garbage items. Apparently this has been fixed now, and my level hasn’t been reset in a while. Its a fun game for $1. It only has 1 map, but this isn’t a $60 AAA title. If your looking for a cheap night of fun (by yourself, there is no local multiplayer) I’d say give this one a shot

-super midget

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