(Almost) Weekly Gaming Update


What The Sloth Is Up?

So first and foremost, i’d like to welcome my good friend Jfillia to the Sloth family. There is only so much one Sloth can do so the more the merrier (That’s 3 shots already if you’re playing the “how many times does he say sloth” drinking game). He’s also new to wordpress so make sure to make him feel welcomed to this great community.


In the gaming category, i’m still kicking ass and eating tacos in Deadpool. (more videos to come) As well as starting a new campaign in Dead Island: Riptide with a few friends. So far i haven’t found many differences in the Dead Island sequel. And i have to say it sort of feels like a Copy+Paste job. Still entertaining (especially with comrades) but nothing new seems to have been brought to the table (at least so far).


Apart from the Story Mode chronicles, I’ve spent a good bit of time playing multiplayer games. Namely Battlefield 3 and oddly enough, I’m back playing the free game Happy Wars.  They recently updated the title with some snazzy new features. And a character class mod for the Warrior called Berserker. It basically switches out your shield for a second melee weapon, and changes up a few of your attacks. If you want to try this new class and you notice that your game didn’t get the update, You’re not the only one. Apparently for myself and a few others, We had to remove the game and then re-download Happy Wars to receive the new content. Not sure if this was a limited problem, or that they failed to push an update out all together. Either way it was the only way for us to try out the new stuff.

I’m also still working on updates for the site including new pages (for scheduled upcoming games, events and a few others) I’m also still working on my Achievement videos called “The Achievers” and also on the web series “Noobs with Boobs” to be released on our youtube channel soon.


Don’t forget to check out our weekly podcast “Beauty and the Geek” for the latest gaming/nerd news. Plus a lot of other random banter. And for all you hipsters out there you can also find the Podcast now on itunes.

By the way, that is total of 6 shots (including this one) if you’re playing the “how many times he puts things into Parenthesis” drinking game.

But for now it’s back to reality, up there goes gravity (especially if you’re playing along… wait… make that 7 shots) Or something like that. Peace.



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