X-Force Destined For The Big Screen!


More mutants Is Never A Bad Thing.

Well we’ve gotten a small hint to a possible future Marvel Movie. With the success that Marvel (and now Disney) has gotten in Tinsel Town over the last few years. It comes with no surprise that they might be digging even farther down the Marvel well, to pull out some more fan favorites to be brought to theaters. And who is it this time you might ask? Well you’re probably not asking because you already saw that the headline was “X-Force Destined For The Big Screen?”.  So yes the latest buzz abuzzing around the internet, is that a film adaption of the more “edgy” and aggressive mutant team could be on the horizon. But this is far from a confirmation of course, but in the last 24 hours Fox Studios has registered the domain of X-ForceMovie.com. Excited yet?

X-force was created in the early 1990’s, and originally had the likes of Cable, Domino, Cannonball and Deadpool (yay) in it’s midst. But  more recent incarnations also consists of Wolverine, Archangel Psylocke (hot),  X-23 (also hot) and Colossus (not so hot) Among many others.

There is a lot of expectations of a possible announcement for the movie at next weeks Comic-Con. But for that we’ll just have to wait and see.

X-Force was/is a great comic series and i for one would be excited to see the film And who wouldn’t want to see Psylocke in all of her hotness glory on the big screen?


(update) It was  confirmed on Rob Liefelds twitter account that the movie is in fact in the works with the director of Kick-Ass 2 Jeff Wadlow.

Also Note that in Rob‘s Tweet he hash tagged Cable and Deadpool 🙂


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