Let there be theft! Grand Theft Auto official gameplay video!

Yes, this nugget of video gold above me is exactly what it says. Today, Rockstar has released the first official gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto V which release September 17th. After I stopped screaming like a little school girl, I watched it a couple times. Let me say I am even more excited than before. There’s so many new elements added that I’m sure I missed a few

 gta hud

This is a mockup HUD, but that goodness in the middle got me excited. It was known that gta v would have 3 protagonists, but I had no idea you can select which character you are using on the fly. There one part in the video where you are fighting, switch to your chracter that is hiding in another building, then snipe enemies to cover your original character. GENIUS!!


Another big thing is all the new vehicles. There jets, planes, bikes, 4 wheelers…you name it, it may be in there. you can also customize cars like never before. There is a clip in the video with a character sky diving with a parachute…..how awesome is that


And lovable old Trevor. I don’t know much about him, but I bet he’ll be my favorite.

So many new things such as hunting and new mini games such as golf have been added, and it is adding up to look like a master piece. I know I can’t wait to see the  multiplayer video. I will definitely be on top of that

-super midget

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