Deadpool Movie: Alive and Kicking…. And Also Dead As A Doornail


What else would you expect out of a Deadpool movie update?

Ryan Reynolds, The star of the “upcoming” Deadpool movie and the antagonist in the horribly portrayed “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (which henceforth shall not be named) Has tried to keep fans up to date with the Marvel stand-alone movie. But in his defense, i don’t think there is much to be said.

The major hold up could revolve around the possible movie rating dispute. The writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Zombieland) have been pushing for a Hard-R rating. Which is more fitting of the character and true to what fans are used to. (i.e. Comics/Game) While 20th Century Fox want’s a PG-13 to attract a more broad audience (and more profit) as well as teenagers being the main focal point in Super Hero movie releases.

But with the recent surge in popularity for the Deadpool character. (Including the newly released video game) And many fans outcry to reclaim the characters rightful glory from it’s butchered adaption in “The movie which shall not be named“. You’d think it’d be a no brainer to kick this film into high gear. But apparently for fox studios, their common sense just isn’t tingling.

despite all of that caught up with the Reynolds, and got a few minor updates from the merc with the mouth himself.

“That movie is alive and kicking, and then it’s dead as a doornail. Then it’s alive and kicking and then it’s dead… it’s like the worst relationship I’ve ever had!”

You sure about that Ryan? Because i remember your relationship with Green Lantern.

“The character knows he’s a comic-book character, he knows he’s in a film, he knows who the executives are at the studio making the movie. In the current iteration of the script, Deadpool is aware of the Wolverine movie. He doesn’t say anything disparaging about it but he does at one point play with the Deadpool action figure with some curiosity. “[Deadpool] is risky for everybody involved… It’s not as commercial as [Fox] would like it to be. It’s a property that is excessively popular and successful, just as a comic property. So you certainly don’t want to mess that up. And if you’re a studio you certainly don’t want to be put something out there that you can’t get back.”

It’s ashame really because Ryan Reynolds (with the right script and direction) is a perfect cast for Deadpool (if he’s ok with keeping his shirt on in a movie for once). And even glimmers of it showed in the early moments of “the movie which shall not be named

So here’s to hoping the Merc will have his day once more on the big screen.



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