QWOP Released For Android Devices


The hilariously quirky, and sometimes down right infuriating flash game, is making it’s way to your hand held devices. Now rather then punching through your PC monitor, You can hurl your smartphone into oblivion. (what an upgrade)

What is the object of the game you ask? To try not to crush your phone as you attempt to get your athlete to run the 100 meter  dash without falling on your face. BREAKING NEWS: You’re falling on your face.

As you can probably guess, the name comes from the 4 letter keys you use to control your runner’s thighs(QW) and calves(OP). Though the concept seems elementary my dear Watson. It couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In this incarnation of the game you control the arms and legs within two diamonds on the screen. Moving your thumbs clockwise to make Mr. QWOP run. (or just fall repeatedly) In addition you can tilt your device to lean forward and backward.

QWOP has been made notorious online as a ridiculously fun and incredibly annoying little game. You may enjoy it more if you are a masochist

You can download the headache… Uh I mean game, in the Google Play store here for $0.99.

An iOS version was released back in 2011 and can be purchased here also for $0.99.

If you’d like to view some hilarious gameplay click here (beware, lots of language)

Lastly i would like to point out that i find the “QWOP” logo pictured above to be very misleading. As you will more then likely see the image below FAR more often.



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