Want To Be Apart Of A Real-Life Resident Evil Zombie Outbreak?


Well do i have a deal for you.

Capcom and Universal Studios Japan (of course it’d be in japan) will be teaming up to bring you the Survival Horror classic to real life, create the most realistic (and probably the scariest) Resident Evil Experience ever known to man and undead man alike. Rather than stick with your standard adaption attractions, Uni-com (which is what i will be calling this A-list relationship, ain’t it cute?) Will stray away from the standard “ride simulator” and instead drop you head first into an expertly detailed recreation of the infamous Raccoon City outbreak.

Only the brave will enter “Biohazard: The Real” (Biohazard being the Japanese name of the Resident Evil franchise). But those brave few will be rewarded and provided with their own lifelike replica gun to bring the pain. But don’t get too cocky, You will only be supplied with limited amounts of ammo and few precious minutes to survive the zombie hordes (fresh clean par of underwear not included) And If zombies weren’t bad enough as opponents, It seems the likes of Lickers and even the Tryant might make appearances.

So what’s the end game of this ultra-realistic adventure? Just make it to the end alive before reaching maximum infection.  Good luck with that.

The attraction (or what my wife would refer to as “hell”) will only be operating for short periods at certain times. So don’t miss out on this great opportunity to show off your highly attuned skills, from those countless hours of zombie killing, that you attained on the comfort of your couch.

Hopefully if this is a success (which i will assume it will be) we might someday see an American version. But only time will tell.

For more on this story check the source here.


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