Hear Ye, Hear Ye My Fellow Gamers!!


Hear ye, hear ye my fellow gamers!!

This is the gamer formally known as gruntsmith, turkey neck, chinese italian, or any other affectionate name you may know me by. Just call me fat ewok super midget. Yea that’ll work. It’s time to team up with the awesomesloth himself, and show the world what being a nerd is all about!

In these days of economic troubles, most people have to put their gaming budget behind many more important things (hey, we can’t all survive off pb&j sammiches and ramen noodles like me). I find myself obsessing over the prices on anything electronic, so what better place to share what I find than this warm and cozy place. That’s not all I’m good for though. I mean we have to actually play all these games that are draining out bank accounts, right?

So I’ve got 99 problems, but princess peach ain’t 1(always in another castle…heard that one before)
. Super midget introduction mode complete.

-super midget

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