Weekly Gaming Update


Well more of an “everything” update.

So I’ve been so incredibly busy that it’s almost funny (but it’s not… so don’t you dare laugh) In the past week, besides the normal articles I’ve been trying to update the twitter, instagram, youtube and facebook pages. And above all of those i was able to record and post my very first Podcast “Beauty and the Geek podcast” And (as of today) was able to record and post my first achievement guide on youtube. So as you can see there’s only so much one sloth can do. I actually might be bringing in a friend or two to help with the articles and reviews but… we’ll have to see how that works out.

As for the actual gaming, not a whole lot to talk about. I’m running through Deadpool right now, trying to get achievement videos and will probably do a review on it afterwords. So while Deadpool has most of my attention in the gaming field. i’m still working really hard to get all the other aspects of the site going.

Again thank you to everyone who’s read an article or gave the podcast a listen or is going to check out my new videos. it truly means the world to me.

Keep it Slothy guys!


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