Games to be less glitchy on the 360?


Or at least the glitches should be fixed faster.

Ever wonder why so many problems within Xbox 360 games seem to go unnoticed or unfixed for extended amounts of time? (if at all)

The reason behind that is the hefty fee that Microsoft charges the developers to push updates and patches to their games. A fee that has been reported to be around the $40,000 mark. That number is hard to fathom when it’s applied per update. And even harder for the smaller developers to squeeze out of their wallets. But don’t think that this is solely an indie developers problem. Even the larger companies have to rethink if the patch/update is affordable and justifiable in the long run. Which leaves many games with unchanged bugs and glitches, and many gamers annoyed that their favorite games lack support.

But with such a large fee included every time a fix is needed, can you blame them?


But fret no longer! (unless your reading this for the first time, in which case you didn’t fret much at all)

According to sources eurogamer and OXM, Microsoft will drop the charges for developers to update and push patches to their titles. From now on all game updates are free, which should allow fixes to be made at a much faster pace. But this is not only limited to patches. also included in this new “free” rule are all sorts of updates and mods which can add hours of extra content.

Let’s hope that this announcement will bring a much better more stable experience to gamers and their games.


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