Microsoft removes DRM Policies

It looks like Microsoft has actually listened to it’s consumers and has started the backpedaling. The Xbox Wire is being updated right now with all the changes.

Here is the official Microsoft statement via The Xbox Wire.

This may lead to a HUGE shift in the on-going console war, and could possibly change the tide of the battle all together.

What will this change actually effect?

  • No more “always connected” online requirements
  • You will no longer need to “check in” once every 24 hours
  • All game discs will work as we’re used to
  • An internet connection will only be required at the initial set up of the console
  • All bought/downloaded games will function on or offline.
  • No restrictions of disc trading.
  • Region locks will be dropped.

This is still very fresh and i’m waiting to get more confirmations. But as soon as the site is back up with more information i’ll be posting it here.

How will this effect the outcome in your minds?


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