Light Shed On New Xbox One Achievement System


With the rumbles of a new Xbox being passed around over the last year. Many questions fell on what would happen to your Achievements and Gamerscore? The talks of “Timed” Achievements, “Cross gaming” Achievements and even “Community” Achievements left many gamers scratching their heads. Would change be good? Would change be accepted? After spending countless hours amassing A treasure trove of points to be proud of. What would become of my precious achievements? (the precious…..)

Many gamers hear that magical “bling” sound in their sleep. So it was no shock that a resolution would be made clear during E3 time. So here it is, The answers every player with a crack like addiction to their gamerscore wanted to hear.

Here are some of the highlights.

  • Your Gamertag and Achievements/Gamerscore will carry over.
  • The Achievements will now split into two different categories.
  • The first category will be the same Achievement/Points method we’re used to.
  • The second category will be called “Challenges” and will be more like badges.
  • The Challanges will be more specialty (timed, cross-game, community) type achievements and will NOT award gamerscore.
  • Both categories will now be “cloud-powered” and will allow for free additional achievements. (apparently achievements that will not need to be tied to DLC)
  • The developers will be able to change achievements if some prove to be too difficult or too easy. (they will also have the ability to add achievements selected by fans in polls or contests.)
  • Players will also be able to unlock game art, maps, characters and stat boosts via the achievements they pop.
  • Videos and Apps will also have some sort of achievement system as well.
  • Supposed better achievement stat and tracking system.
  • Social Achievement feeds on the Xbox Live Dashboard for viewing friends unlocked Achievements.

If you would like to read Major Nelson’s full blog report click here.

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