So Many Games, So Little Time!


So to kick this blog off right, let’s start with where I currently am in my gaming realm.

The real world has kept me pretty busy over the last several months, so I’ve greatly fallen behind on my gaming. I figured I need to get back in the middle of things with a BANG. Instead of getting this blog off (heh) with just 1 gaming endeavor, I’ve decided to go with 4 different adventures. 4 times the game… 4 times the blog…. so, it must be 4 times the fun, right? The current mess of games that I am wading through are: Gears of War: Judgement, The Walking Dead, Disney Universe and finally Dorito’s Crash Course 2.

This might seems like an odd mish-mash of games to you, but there is in fact a method to the madness.

The main course at this point is Judgement, which I’m currently running through with a buddy of mine. I would say at this stage of the game we’re about 3/4 of the way through. So I’ve gotten a pretty good feel for the game, which in my opinion feels sort of strange for the franchise. The game play itself pits you right back into the action you’re used to. But the format in which the game is played is sort of foreign. Each Act is broken up into several very short “Sections” that tend to really interfere with the flow of the campaign. It’s still of course a very fun game, but is kind of a lackluster spin-off from such a great series.

The Walking Dead has been an on and off game for me for quite some time now. I seem to need an emotional break in between each episode. Having a young daughter myself, this game hits very close to home and does a great job at plunging you into the world of a zombie apocalypse. I’m normally not much into the Point-And-Click genre of games, but TellTale knows their craft, and does it very well. The captivating storytelling is what sets this game apart from the pack. While the gut-wrenching fear and constant anxiety attacks are the icing on TellTale’s undead cake. I tip my hat to you sirs.

Once my heartstrings have been yanked on enough by the living dead, I lighten things up a bit with Dorito’s Crash Course 2. The free Xbox 360 arcade game (which is the 3rd game put out by the Xbox and Dorito’s partnership) takes a slightly different path from its predecessor, moving more away from a straight Wipeout knock off to slightly more of an adventure platformer (but not by much). It’s a good little time waster, but not a whole lot more than that. Then again, you can’t ask for much out of a free game.

Disney Universe is played a little differently for me. Besides being a decent game to rack up some easy Achievements, it’s also one of the few games my wonderful wife will agree to be my co-op partner. Sometimes it’s good for the soul to sit back and play something that your loved ones can also enjoy (also to watch how bad they are). Even my almost 3 year old daughter will sometimes join in on the button smashing fray (once even out scoring my wife). This is another title that doesn’t bring much more then what you’d expect – lots of smashing things and collecting Disney characters.

Well that’s all for now! Again, I will ask that you bear with me while I knock out the kinks in this blog. There is a lot more to come!

– AwesomeSloth


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